About Wendy

Today, thousands of people struggle with their weight, illnesses, and health – making it difficult for some people to leave their homes on a daily basis.  I can personally understand what they are going through.

For most of my adult life I have struggled with my weight, trying many different diets, pills, and the worst, starving myself.  Like most people, I have been struggling with illness, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypothyroidism, irritable bowl disease (IBD), migraines, and yes, obesity.

Today, I’m on may way down a happier and healthier path.  I’m now drinking Reliv’s “Two Shakes”, Now and Innergize! and have never felt better.  My blood pressure is already dropping and my IBD and migraines have significantly been reduced.  For my cholesterol, I have a doctor’s appointment in two weeks to have blood drawn to see what my LDL and HDL levels are at and I’m expecting great results.

It wasn’t until I received a degree in Nutrition that I realized how unhealthy I was eating and how bad my health was suffering from it.  I guess most of us find it easier to just ignore the problems instead of fixing them.

My lifelong is to help others live happier and healthier lives, lets accomplish this together and get you started on a healthier lifestyle today!

by Wendy Millington


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