Nutrition Supplements – Shakes vs. Pills

Vitamins, minerals and nutrients are absorbed by the body in a several ways.  They first enter our body through the food we eat.  

It’s important to add supplements to our diet to increase the amount of pertinent vitamins, minerals and nutrients our body receives, because of poor nutrition due to poor eating habits and choices, preservatives and chemicals that are added to the food we consume, the abundance of convenient fast food restaurants, the way we prepare our foods and even the lack of nutrients in the soil our food is grown in.  You can take these supplements in pills or capsules or you can add a shake supplement to your diet.

Shake supplements are easier to swallow, go down quickly and are more easily absorbed by the body, than pills or capsules.  Shake supplements are easier for both children and adults to take than trying to swallow the “horse pills”.

Shake Supplements are More Effective

Because of its form, shakes can be assimilated immediately into the blood stream for a more systemic administration of the vitamins and nutrients.  They are also more concentrated than vitamin pills and this can lead to greater therapeutic benefits.

Shake Supplements and Digestive Acids

Many people believe vitamins in a shake form are destroyed by digestive acids.  But the opposite is actually true.  Our digestive system prefers or is better able to absorb this form of vitamin and mineral rather than those in pill or capsule form.

A vitamin pill or tablet has to be broken down into absorbable nutrients, only a small percentage will be absorbed by the human body. Shake supplements actually provide an easier solution for the digestive system.

Ultimately, the choice is yours as to whether you want to receive your vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from shake supplements, but the benefits and their ability to be taken easily is worth a second look.

If your interested in adding a GREAT nutritious shake supplement to your daily diet, check out Reliv’s NOW and NOW for Kids.  They are both packed with daily vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body requires.  

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