Weight Loss Hero

Do you want to lose weight and become a healthy you???  You need to read this article and watch the video.

Ricky Browning: Weight Loss Hero

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At 434 pounds, Ricky Browning was dangerously overweight. He struggled through the day with joint pain, breathing trouble and exhaustion due to his weight and low blood sugar.

A year after beginning his weight loss journey, Ricky is now inspiring others with an astounding 191-pound weight loss.

“I can’t believe how big I was,” says Ricky, a Receiving Clerk at Reliv International Headquarters. “The only place I could weigh

myself was here at Reliv on the truck scale.” Despite working at a nutrition company, Ricky didn’t make his health a priority. “I saw how beneficial Reliv was for others, but I didn’t stay consistent with the shakes myself.”

A Wake Up Call

Ricky’s wake up call finally came in December 2010 when a childhood friend said, “I really hope you lose the weight because I’d hate to lose you in the next 10 years.” That day, Ricky resolved to change his life. “I showedGlucAffect® to my doctor and he told me I should start on it right away. After a few weeks of two scoops a day, my low blood sugar started balancing out. Then I started losing weight and my blood pressure went down.”

Ricky’s infant son, Colt, is his biggest motivator. Ricky explains, “My dad was only 44 when he died. My life expectancy was only 8-10 more years, which would put my son at the same age I was when my dad died. Losing the weight meant being around for my family. Now I look in my loved ones’ eyes and I don’t imagine the pain of a life without me.”

Joining the Team

Even though Ricky loved sports, he avoided athletic activity in the past. “I recently bought a basketball hoop and now I play every chance I get!” Ricky says. Team Reliv has been an integral part of Ricky’s weight loss journey. After losing some weight, Ricky was able to exercise with his wife, Cyndi. They’re planning to run in the Go! St. Louis 5K in April.

Ricky calls his son “little hero,” but Cyndi asserts it’s actually the other way around:“Every little boy needs his daddy to be a hero — and now I know Ricky will be here for Colt. He’s the best father!” “I’ve always felt in my heart that I was meant to help other people, but I didn’t know how. But now, I think telling my story is a way to do that,” Ricky says. He has moved at least one person already. “Ricky is such an inspiration,” Cyndi says. “He makes me want to be a better person every day.”According to Ricky, Reliv is like a second family. “Without Reliv products and my colleagues’ moral support, I would have died from my health problems,” Ricky concludes. “Instead, I’ve become a better husband and father — and I’m going to be here for a long time.”

This is an amazing story..  I know from personal experience that losing weight is not easy.  I’ve struggled my whole adult life with weight issues; taking pills and starving myself.  I have finally decided to do this the “right way” through good nutrition and good supplements.  

GlucAffect is not only good for losing weight, it’s also taken to maintain blood sugar.  So, if you want to lose weight or are struggling with diabetes or just have an elevated blood sugar, GlucAffect is perfect for you.  Click here if you are interested in learning more.

“Congrats to Ricky for doing a great job losing those pounds and making the right choice of using GlucAffect..”

“Eat Healthy, Live Healthy”


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