School Lunches and Childhood Obesity

One of our main concerns (or should be) is childhood obesity and school lunches.

I remember when I was a youngster and going to school, there was nothing healthy about the lunches we received.  Today some schools are offering healthier choices for our children, but are they making the right choices?  If your school does not offer healthier choices, the best thing to do is pack a lunch for your children that is packed with healthy foods.

The Healthy School Lunch Campaign encourages schools to offer more healthy low-fat, cholesterol-free options, including reimbursable meals and beverages, a la carte items, and vending machine items.  Schools may be offering healthy items, but your children aren’t choosing them and will choose the less healthy alternatives the school is offering.

Competitive Foods

Competitive foods in schools, including vending machines that dispense candy, soda and chips and other fast-food concessions, undermine the best efforts of school lunch programs to maintain high nutrition standards, according to a 2001 report to congress by the Center for Science in the Public Interest. These unregulated foods contribute to children’s poor eating habits and to ever-declining nutrition trends in children. A scant 2 percent of school-aged children consume the federal Food Guide Pyramid recommendations for servings of the five major food groups, according to the report. At the same time, more than two-thirds of children exceed recommendations for total fat and saturated fat intake.

Start at Home

One key thing to remember is, nutrition needs to start at home.  Parents need to teach their children how to  eat healthy and make healthier choices, so when they are not around, their children can make healthy choices on their own.  Eating healthy is not difficult, you just need eliminate the fast-foods, processed foods, and fatty foods.  Stick to the basics, fruits, vegetables, fish, and chicken.

To find out more about the National School Lunch Program, click here.

Growing children need the appropriate nutrients for their developing bodies and mind.  If children are not getting the proper nutrients, they should be taking a nutritional supplement.  Reliv Now for Kids is packed with essential vitamins, minerals and micronutrients necessary to keep growing bodies healthy, plus advanced ingredients to boost energy and mental performance, it’s much more than just another vitamin pill. Give your kids a head start on a healthy life. Ideal for children ages 2–12.

Childhood obesity is a major concern in our society today and we ALL need to do something to change this.  If things don’t change, childhood obesity will turn into adult obesity, which will result in chronic illnesses.

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“Eat healthy, Live healthy”


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