Blood Sugar Management: GlucAffect®

GlucAffect is now available with Luna Rich!!!

GlucAffect is now patented! Learn more.

You have discovered a powerful new ally in the wellness war. As part of a healthy lifestyle, GlucAffect has been clinically shown to help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and support weight loss. And now this patented formula has added the cholesterol-lowering power of Reliv’s exclusive LunaRich™ soy powder. No other supplement comes close to matching the combination of cutting-edge ingredients found in every can. Get in control with GlucAffect.

Proven Effective: In an eight-week clinical study of overweight individuals with elevated blood glucose levels, subjects taking four daily servings of GlucAffect® lowered their fasting blood glucose by an average of 30% and lost an average of nearly 16 pounds.

GlucAffect Works

“For me, GlucAffect is all about quality of life. I’ve had great results and am living a much healthier, more active lifestyle. If you’re open to a solution for blood sugar management, GlucAffect really delivers.” ~ Dan Vance, Kaysville, UT

by Wendy Millington


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