American Anti-Cancer Institute Recommends Reliv Products

Non-Hodgkin’s (Large B Cell) Stage 3 Lymphoma
    “Two days after Christmas in 2008, a chest x-ray revealed that I had a large tumor (9 cm.) the size of my fist…at which time I began to dramatically increase my Reliv shakes.  On January 6th, 2009, a surgical biopsy was done and we learned that I had lymphoma, which was later classified and staged.  Since an initial PET scan revealed that there was evidence of it on both sides of my diaphragm, the label they gave me was “Non-Hodgkin’s (Large B Cell) Lymphoma, Stage 3”…which was not good news.
The treatment program that was recommended for me is called R-CHOP, and it is considered strong chemotherapy.  R-CHOP is a combination of Rituxin along with Cytoxan, Adriamycin, Vincristine, and Prednisone, a really nasty combination of drugs.  My first round of chemo was on January 22nd, and I took Reliv the entire time that I was on chemotherapy, even during my infusions. I mention that because it would have been very difficult for me to do that by myself; my wife would mix my shakes and hand me one about every two hours while I was receiving my treatments.  We did this because we felt that I needed to get just as much good nutrition into my bo
dy as I could while I was receiving chemotherapy through my infusions.  Well, that paid off, because less than three months later, on April 17, 2009, my oncologist told me that a second PET scan revealed no cancerous activity whatsoever!  What had been Stage 3 Lymphoma was no longer Stage 2, or even Stage 1. My oncologist declared me to be in full remission, and I will be scanned periodically for the next 5 years just as a precaution.
There is no doubt in my mind that strong chemotherapy literally dissolved the malignant tumors in my body, but the problem with chemotherapy is that it destroys more than just cancer cells,
it also kills things you need, things like healthy cells.  Reliv helped my body create healthy cells and it allowed me to withstand the ravages of strong chemotherapy.  The entire time that I was on chemotherapy, my blood work was perfect – red cell count, white cell count, platelet count, you name it.  I never experienced any fatigue, no nausea, no constipation, no neuropathy, no mouth sores and, really, no pain of any kind.  The whole litany of side-effects that they told me were coming my way never, ever materialized.  I never missed a day of work, which was truly a blessing and, really, my only side-effect throughout my ordeal was hair loss and, of course, it has all grown back.  Most people that have taken strong chemotherapy will tell you that their experience was not at all like mine.
I think what amazed my oncologist the most is that I never missed a day of work and, when he discharged me in May, 2009, my oncologist described my recovery as both ‘dramatic and remarkable.’  I credit God’s grace, lots of answered prayers, and the power of patented nutrition.  I refer to it as the ultimate hat trick!
The Reliv products do not cure cancer, I want to be very clear about that. But when you put the best possible nutrition into the human body – faithfully and consistently – the human body can do amazing things. It can heal – just as God designed it to do.”
—Cliff Bachman, Engineer, St. Louis, Missouri


If you would like more information about the Reliv Products please contact me by submitting your name and email address. Looking forward to paying Reliv forward… what better gift then the one that changes lives.

By Wendy Millington

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